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Terms And Condition

Any man or women is eligible to become members of Society, provided. He/ She agrees to abide by the constitution and other rules and regulations of the Foundation absolutely and unconditionally. He/She regularly pays all membership fee as well as the annual /monthly subscriptions. The management committee will have the power to restrict the membership both temporary and core to any member from time to time. Membership shall be of two types as detailed below:-


Any person who wishes to become a member to the Society shall apply for membership on the prescribed form subject to the conditions laid down under the caption “Membership” the Managing Committee shall consider the request for membership and shall accept or reject it. In case the request of a person is accepted by the Managing Committee he shall become normal member after completing all the laid down formalities. A normal member shall not be called in the general body nor shall have any right of vote nor could he / she propose or second a candidate nor be a candidate himself/herself. A normal member shall not have a right to request for a general body meeting. After completing 12 months as normal member a person shall qualify to become a Core Member on approval by the managing committee for which he/she may either requests himself/herself or the managing committee may itself initiate action. To promote a person form normal member ship to core membership unanimous approval of all the members of the Managing Committee will be essential. The Managing Committee can (i) refuse to promote a normal member to core membership (ii) extend the period of normal membership (iii) expel a normal member by simple majority vote on any ground and shall not be answerable for any of these actions to the concerned member or anyone else.


After completion of twelve months a normal member shall become eligible for core membership provided all members of the Managing Committee unanimously vote for it. A core member shall have alright of vote and could participate in election as a candidate and could propose or second a candidate.


All member to pay a sum of Rs. 3000/= as admission fee and promises to continue to pay Rs.1000/=per month as membership fee.

DISQUALIFICATION any member found working against the interest of the Society or lacking in discipline/decency or violating any provision of this constitution shall be disqualified from membership by the Managing Committee by 2/3rd majority in case of core members and simple majority in case of normal members.Seven days notice must be served on member before proceeding against him/her in writing, and if he/she must be heard in person to explain his/her position. In case a member refuse to accept the written notice this fact should be recorded by the president and the proceedings of the Managing Committee may start without the explanation of the member concerned.


The managing Committee may restore the core or normal membership of a disqualified member if the committee is satisfied that the said person/member shall not in future indulge in the activities due to which he was disqualified. For restoration of membership unanimous approval of all the members of the Managing Committee is a must.