Ijtimai Shadi

FDS realises the difficulty poor families are in and provides marriage funds and to date, with your generous help, several hundred ‘Ijtimai Shaadi’ (Collective Wedding Ceremonies) have been performed. Marriage Bureau provides assistance in finding suitable matches for boys and girls. It also provides financial assistance to the poor for arranging marriages. The eighth Ijtimai marriage programme was held at Mannat Garden on Sunday under the joint aegis of Friends Of Disables Society and Social Development Committee .

According to society:

Aijaz ahmed Mughal and convener AllhaDino Mangrio, 26 couples tied into nuptial knot on this occasion. Programme was inaugurated with recitation of quran. Marriage rituals were performed by city quazi Khalikurrehman. A mass marriage programme of Friends Of Disables Society was held here on Monday. About 57 couples of Panchayat Qureshian tied in nuptial knots during mass marriage. Member of Parliament Premchand Guddu blessed newly wedded couples. Dr, Abdul Baseer, Miss Nazish Younas and others were present on this occasion. Mass marriage programme of Friends Of Disables Society in progress.

Marriage Support:

To date, FDS has supported 363 marriages under marriage support project.Due to crushing poverty, countless families in Pakistan countries are unable to have their daughters and sisters get married. Unfortunately, due to societal pressures, it is not uncommon for people to resort to extreme measures such as committing suicide. Friends Of Disables Society makes an effort to support families in these difficult situations by providing basic items necessary for newlywed girls, including dresses, shoes, utensils, bedding, fans, sewing machines, and more, along with some financial assistance to offset marriage expenses. Depending on the region, it costs approximately $500 to $800 to support the marriage of one young woman.