Our Historical Perspective

To give awareness about person with disabilities in the society. To publish literature highlighting different problems of person with disabilities, and publish information about available remedies to help them live with dignity. Our solemn pledge shall always be to upgrade the respect of such affected people and bring them back on their own feet. The lost pride that this ignored part of the society shall be restored at all costs and by all means and methodologies. To provide care and necessary support services for disabled and provide relief to the affected families. Our team has reached out to people living in extreme poverty and we intend to expand our network much stronger and further. To establish vocational training Centre’s and guidance services for handicapped people. Various short courses shall be run for the PWD’s regarding information technology, health, social awareness and women empowerment. Research in this context is in its random phase. In each district of this country we are working on opening up an IT centre where the disabled people shall be provided free education and knowledge.