FDS Dastarkhwan

KARACHI: A new ‘FDS Dastarkhwan’ was inaugurated in Karachi’s Fort Sultan Naer Colony Gate Main Shahrah-e-Faisal near the METRO on Friday. An old person, who came to eat food at the Friends Dastarkhwan, inaugurated the new dastarkhwan. The
inauguration ceremony was simply organised in a dignified way.

 The Karachi Friends of Disables Society management, the Friends Dastarkhwan team and renowned civil society members attended the event. The enthusiasm and welfare-oriented approach of the Friends Society Dastarkhwan’s team, and the unending support of the Friends Of Disables Society Chairman Aijaz Ahmed Mughal has made the ‘Friends Society Dastarkhwan’a successful project.

 ‘Friends astarkhwan’ is also a result of Friends Of Disables Society Chairman Aijaz Ahmed Mughal friendly nature and positive thinking.

 ‘Friends Dastarkhwan’ is a project of the Karachi,Shahdadpur,Sanghar. As a part of this welfare project, needy people are provided food in a clean and respectable environment two times a day in various cities of Pakistan. Around the year, millions of people benefit from this welfare project. For the people of Bhingoria Town, the ‘Friends Dastarkhwan’ is no less than a blessing. This is the primary reason due to which common people of Hyderabad prayed for the success of Friends Dastarkhwan, Friends Society and Dr Abdul Baseer on this occasion. KARACHI: A security guard and a bearded man in clean clothes sit side by side on the roadside, large thaals of food set in front of them.

At Friends Of Disables Society near civil hospital Sanghar, worker Allha Dino Mangrio says that entire families are now coming out to have Iftar on the streets. “Poverty is forcing people to lock up their houses and come out for free food.” Ali Raza, a rickshaw driver from shah faisal Colony, takes a seat at the dastarkhwan put up for men, while his burqa-clad wife, clutching their child, waits for another one to be set up for women. “We cannot even buy fruits for less than Rs100. How can we have Iftar at home?” he asks. “Here, at least my family can eat properly.” Within minutes, the space for the men is filled up,

while a separate carpet is rolled out for a few women. Around 370 to 800 people, mostly from slum areas in shah faisal Colony and civil hospital Sanghar, are served Iftar and dinner at this centre every day, with the menu ranging from dates, samosas, rolls, apricots and melon for Iftar to biryani and qorma for dinner. “We do not turn anyone away,” says Humayan, who is in charge of the process that wraps up by 8pm.