Ambulance Service 24/7

On Spot Emergency Medical Aids & Services Person With Disability Health’s, FDS Ambulance,24/7 has changed the landscape of emergency care in Pakistan and is the state-of-the-art ambulatory vehicle network providing round-the-clock emergency care in the province of Sindh. Pakistan With a fleet of 8 ambulances, the service includes 216 Emergency Medical 04 doctors and life-saving drugs and equipment, providing 24/7 emergency medical interventions with an average response of 30 minutes. FDS provides free ambulance service for transportation of the dead bodies of Pakistanis from all hospital,airports of Pakistan to their native towns. The transportation of dead body of an Person With Disability PWD.s Pakistani is usually the contractual obligation of the employer or the society where an individual is employed. If the employer refuses to bear the cost of transportation of dead body and the family’s financial position is not good, then concerned Pakistan Mission abroad use to undertake the responsibility to transport the dead bodies. PWD transport dead bodies of Pakistanis free of cost from where it is operating as a result of efforts of FDS.

Our Strategy

FDS Ambulance is run on national protocols, equipped with the latest medical equipment and life-saving drugs and is staffed with trained medical professionals. The service provides a tiered emergency response system with Basic Life Support Ambulances and Advanced Life Support Ambulances equipped with AED machines and cardiac monitors. In addition, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulances are equipped with ECG machines, which is a unique service available in Karachi. FDS Ambulance service is running under Friends Of Disables Society having affection for the humanity and strong commitment to serve the common people without discrimination of any caste, creed or color under all circumstances. We have no affiliation with any ethnic/business group, builders or political/religious party or any Trust. Our welfare work needs global response. We keep our dedicated volunteers with well-equipped FDS PWD.s Ambulance carrying oxygen & first-aid box all the time ready in this mega city Karachi, Pakistan where frequent road accidents, sudden events and emergency daily occur. Our ambulances always rush and reach the spot FIRST on Save Our Soul public calls for immediate help to the suffering people and remain Day & Night 24 hours busy on roads with lifting and shifting the accidentally injured sobbing sighing wriggling persons and emergency patients to hospitals and nearby medical aid centers in attempts to daily save the Valuable Human Lives. “We have been providing this voluntary service for 13 years with the help of friends and other generous individuals in private business, but now the responsibility is greater than our power,” Aijaz Ahmed Mughal, a dentist who founded FDS Ambulance. He cited a staffing shortage and an inability to cover costs. “Before this service, people used to transport the wheelbarrows that charged expensive free, runs a midwifery center. “But now all you need is to call 34581999 and then there is an ambulance at your door. If we miss this service, we will go back to the dark days.”