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Welcome to the Center on Health, Aging, and Disability (FDS). Our Center provides leadership in interdisciplinary research, education, and outreach efforts that promote health and wellness, healthy aging across the lifespan, healthy communities and optimal participation of individuals with disabilities. We provide services and support for Center faculty. We organize research teams, and assist those teams by helping to identify funding, and by providing support services. We supply seed money for promising pilot research projects through our Incentive Grant Program.

We provide services and support for the Person with Disability (PWD)

is also a part of our Center. A cooperative agreement between the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Sheikh Ahmed Tijani Hospital (SATH) at African American Islamic Institute (Nasrul ilm) the Disability Research Institute (DRI) developed a national network of partners producing high-impact research in disability.

We develop and implement education and outreach programs. Educational opportunities sponsored

Educational opportunities sponsored by the Center include our annual research symposium, we Lunch Seminar Series, and guest presentations. Additional Applied Health Science outreach programs working with the Center include the Project: Awareness how to deal with the disability workshops on old age trends disability and highlight, The talents in PWD.s of any age’s and Provides Wheelchairs and Instruction to Friends of Disables Society, Supported by the Friends of Disables Society on Aging, trends is a network of researchers working to accelerate scientific understanding of old-age disability and health trends. We do this in three broad ways. We conduct original research, looking for the causes and consequences of past, current, and future disability health trends. We review findings from new studies, reconciling differences across studies and populations in the SINDH and Pakistan. We create an environment that is collegial, facilitating open discussion of salient issues and cutting-edge research. On mental illness in PWD.s Silent issues of female with disabilities, In particular, we are focused on fostering international and cross-institutional collaboration to enhance our understanding of trends in old-age disability and health, and providing a mechanism for interactive discussion. The bibliography consists of published and unpublished studies that examine trends in old-age health, disability and mortality. If you are aware of studies on these topics not listed in the bibliography, please