Our mission is to work for the betterment of humanity. And person with disabilities our aim is to identify the areas which concern society and render services to our capacity. Our objectives are to improve the awareness about healthcare, education and capacity-building for PWD.s poverty alleviation through mobilization of our human resource. Our team is a true blend of youth and experience. While the human resource is mostly the young field workers and volunteers school/college students; however, our driving force is generated through educationist, doctors, engineers, lawyers and social workers. Few of our hallmarks are mentioned below.

The efforts were duly recognized by city government and appreciated by Mustafa Kamal, City Nazim Karachi, FM107, BBC Urdu, Dawn News Paper,Daily Awam News,/ Channel and Express Tribune. We have identified an area called ‘Thatth City’, a suburb locality of ‘Thatth; where people were suffering from water-borne diseases. With the help of qualified consultants/doctors/ laboratory specialists, we conducted a free clinic on 20/ 07 / 2011, so as to carry-out an in-depth survey and get the insight of prevailing diseases, their causes and effects. To accomplish this, we rendered one time free medicines with the help of our local contacts / pharmaceutical companies. In pursuit of rendering continuous health services we are running a Clinic and Mother and Child Care Centre, six days a week, called ‘Vision Welfare Clinic’ and “Vision Mother and Child PWD.s Welfare Health Care Centre”; which has served more than 2000 patients till date with free of cost treatment and medicines. We remained active during ‘Flood Relief Operations’. We mobilized our human resource and collected the goods from local populace and handed FRIENDS OF DISABLES SOCIETY SINDH The goods were transported through Truck power, to the flood affected areas. Our services were duly recognized by the and all district.

Aim & Objective

To give awareness about person with disabilities in the society. To publish literature highlighting different problems of person with disabilities, and publish information about available remedies to help them live with dignity. Our solemn pledge shall always be to upgrade the respect of such affected people and bring them back on their own feet. The lost pride that this ignored part of the society shall be restored at all costs and by all means and methodologies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Persons with Disabilities and Deafness (PWD), so they can live better and independent lives. Our ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere that is friendly for the disables. We shall strive our level best, with determination, zeal and courage to give them the ability and honor to be the best. promoting high quality standards and good practice in special needs education developing and awarding a system of training and accreditation for those delivering special needs education and providing of scholarships for Disable children.

Our Vision

Our vision is not limited to merely helping the disabled, but it is to think far ahead and far across. We believe that the word disabled remains no more with the same meaning to those who are called disabled. We trust that by stretching our access to the remotest areas can identify areas where we can work in collaboration with our mission partners and help such people become able again. We also put forward our services to all other people in general regardless of caste, creed and religion.

Legal Status

Registered NGO FDS

National Tax Number: 4021086-3 FDS is a non-for-profit organization, working since 1995. It is registered with government of Pakistan under ORDINANCE 1961 (X) VI OF (1961) vide registration number PCSW(S) 1083-A, 4TH Jun 2010